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Company Profile

Honesty Health Industry Group intends to play a key role and focuses on developing health products industry market. We possess a team of doctorate professionals, integrated with jointed efforts by Hong Kong experts and international research agencies. We strive at researching and developing high effectiveness health promotion products. In line with the accelerated values on healthy industry supply chain, we create and operate a highly efficient market on health products industry, to make people staying at healthy and leisure living full of fun and joys.

Key ideas

Based on Health, Technology, Quality as our cornerstones, we create and operate health products industry so as to nurture an optimal living.

Blueprint of our industry development

In 2008

Optimal health starts from our feet, Dr Jeff Wisecare Limited was established in Apr 2008, with the aim to develop and promote Human Ergonomic principally designed insoles. We create the brand of i-feet and i-spine as professional footcare and spinecare products, with intelligent and smart caring products series from neck, shoulder, back and foot health care products.

In 2010

We invented the first generation for foot pressure and balance testing machine, with build-in 2304 pressure sensors providing instant pressure distribution and data analysis.

In 2011

The chain of products outlets extended to cover medical care chain shops, retail shops including department stores and medical equipment groups.

In 2016

We successfully invented the second generation of intelligent thermal foot scanning apparatus**, which is extremely lightweight and portable for easy carrying and application. This further enriched our concept of health care promotion. At the same time, we successfully developed and promoted our brand of Dr i-feet products and became a reputable brand as a quality footcare products.

In 2017

Our sales distribution channels were further rapidly expanding to cover more than 80 sales outlets, throughout Kowloon, Hong Kong island and New Territories. We persistently strived for developing high quality healthy insoles for sports lovers and related healthy products, to alleviate foot pain, knee pain and foot problems, with a key focus on sports health and health protection market.

Future development and horizon

We further keep developing and inventing multi-levels and various sports health and health promotion products, with smart intelligent electronic components, integrated into huge health products network. Our efforts certainly enable the depth and efficacy of the market shares. We will focus more on the individualized health products and services, with production chain expanding form products to highly individualized quality health service.


1. The instant foot test is for reference only. It is not a precise method to constitute for any products recommendations.
2. There are many options to know your foot structures and conditions inclusive but not limited to those devices of thermal, electronic, pressure sensing and photographic methods.
3. Should you have any foot problems, please consult your family doctor or healthcare professionals if necessary.